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Building a product
based on data

1 full-time week with APIs and A/B-testing

Data-Driven Product is a one-week full-time program for Product Managers and those who de facto design and develop digital products coming from either technical or business background. The participants learn how to build products based on data and how to optimize them using data. First, we develop new product features with Machine Learning based or rule-based data integration. Then, we apply tools that use data for product optimization; we setup experiments and thoroughly interpret them.

Learning by building. During one week participants build and optimize features on a real app/web service. The prototype product features are based on raw data such as unstructured texts with metadata, geotags, weblogs, and photos with a goal to create new value for the user. The same prototype is then run through an A/B-testing framework to evaluate different interface hypotheses.

Data for New Features. In this module you will:

  • understand how easy or hard is to build specific data-driven features
  • use different APIs to process geodata, images, texts
  • learn how to create your own API from a Machine Learning model
  • roll-out your own prototype app or web-service powered by cloud processing
  • grasp the basics of Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms
  • explore context-driven and event-driven recommendations
  • Technology stack: clouds API, Python, Android API

Data for Optimization. In the second module you will:

  • implement an A/B-testing framework for your prototype product
  • understand how to make feature selection and perform UX studies
  • learn how to create your own API from a Machine Learning model
  • learn how to find an optimal user journey by tracking different metrics (e.g., retention rates, cohort analysis)
  • Technology stack: a/b-tools, mobile analytics tools, Python


Summer - autunm 2018


10:00 - 18:00


Face to face classes in central Barcelona





  • Daniel

    Sr. Product Manager at Yandex
  • Ilya

    Sr. Product Manager at Yandex Mail
  • Max

    Chief Product&Data Officer at ZeptoLab
  • Bayram Annakov

    CEO & Founder at App in the Air

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